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Discover Our Most Popular Treatments in NJ

Coolsculpting in New Jersey

Non-invasive Fat Reduction

Botox and Fillers in New Jersey NJ

Botox® & Fillers
Enhance your Natural Beauty

Laser hair removal in New Jersey NJ

Laser Hair Removal
Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Hydrafacial in New Jersey

Cleanse, Extract & Infuse

Emtone New Jersey

Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Laser photofacial in New Jersey

Ultra Laser Facial
Address Pigmentation, Age Spots & Sun Damage

RF Microneedling in New Jersey

RF Microneedling
The Ultimate Non-surgical Facelift

Fractional Laser Resurfacing in New Jersey

Fractional Laser Resurfacing
Erase Fine Lines & Wrinkles



coolsculpting® »

This non-surgical alternative to liposuction safely and effectively reduces stubborn bulges by freezing fat cells for long-term fat reduction.

tempsure firm® rf skin tightening »

Non-surgical skin tightening using high energy RF stimulates collagen to increase dermal firmness, fiber compaction & tighten skin layers.

emtone® cellulite reduction »

Emtone combines multiple advanced technologies, to reduce overall volume & improve skin texture to diminish the appearance of cellulite.

emsculpt® »

Finally a proven body sculpting solution to build muscle and burn fat on the abdominal area, as well as the world’s first non invasive Butt Lift.

kybella® injections»

A fat loss solution that safely and effectively dissolves fat cells to reduce double chin fullness and treat other areas of stubborn fat.

semaglutide injections »

Shed up to 20% of your body weight. This once-weekly injection is recommended to be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise for safe and sustainable science-based weight loss.


Our Face and Beauty Treatments in NJ

hydrafacial® »

This award winning facial combines dermabrasion, hydro-exfoliation & infusion of customized serums, to leave your skin soft, smooth & glowing.

diamond facial »

Combines intensive exfoliation using our patented Wet Diamond™ tip with the unparalleled power of hydration from a genuine HydraFacial® to reveal your skin’s natural luminosity.

microneedling + growth factor serum »

Microneedling stimulates cellular renewal and rejuvenates dull, damaged skin. Used in combination with serums derived from human cell cultures, containing high concentrations of natural human growth factors to repair & regenerate skin.

plasma facial »

Uses the your body’s own growth factors to stimulate tissue and collagen production, dramatically enhancing your skin’s appearance. This in demand treatment takes facial rejuvenation to a new level.

vi peel® »

Vi Peel® is the most effective medical grade peel for skin repair and rejuvenation. A next generation aesthetic which offers a painless application process, and produces dramatic, visible results in just a few days…and safe for ALL skin types.

medical grade facials »

Medical-grade facials, customized from detailed skin analysis, address your specific concerns, like acne, fine lines, rosacea, & sun damage.

active acne treatment »

Customized treatment plans using multiple advanced therapies offer a comprehensive solution to clear active acne and prevent future breakouts.

acne scars | stretch marks »

We use multiple modalities to customize a comprehensive treatment plan for improving the appearance of depressed acne scars, other scarring, blemishes and stretch marks.

thinning hair treatments »

Slate Medspa offers Treatment of Thinning Hair in men and women with a combination approach using Plasma Therapy, Procell® Growth Factor Infusion with Microneedling, and Karalase™️, a Laser Assisted Growth Factor Treatment.



laser hair removal »

Advanced laser technology delivers permanent hair reduction from head to toe that is virtually painless, ethnic skin safe, convenient and affordable.

painless laser hair removal »

New laser technology delivers permanent hair reduction from head to toe that is truly 100% pain-free, ethnic skin safe, convenient and affordable.

rf microneedling »

The newest breakthrough treatment in aesthetics combines two methods previously used individually for skin rejuvenation, Microneedling and RF Energy. RF Microneedling is a game changer in rejuvenation and tightening.

genesis laser facial »

Repairs and rejuvenates your skin with a gentle laser which causes a natural healing response, resurfacing your complexion with firmer, younger and healthier new skin cells.

ultra laser facial (photofacial) »

Corrects pigmentation concerns using bursts of high energy light to improve the appearance of sun spots and age spots, decrease redness & restore even skin tone.

fractional laser skin resurfacing (fraxel) »

Fractional laser treatments stimulate the production of collagen to diminish fine lines, improve pigmentation irregularities & repair blemishes.

tempsure envi® rf skin tightening »

RF energy stimulates collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer, smoother & younger looking skin around the eyes, brow-line, cheeks & neck.



botox® »

Softens fine lines and smooths out wrinkles that collect around the eyes, brow and forehead to keep you looking young and more rejuvenated.

facial fillers »

Facial fillers add volume, fill in smile lines and wrinkles, restore symmetry and enhance facial features, such as the lips and cheek area.

lip fillers »

The use of Lip Fillers is an easy and affordable solution to get fuller lips. The process is virtually painless and the ingredient used is natural, so no wonder people are using lip filler everywhere!

sculptra® »

Sculptra Aesthetic is used to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds, which is gradually and naturally absorbed by the body and helps rebuild lost collagen through a series of treatments.

aquagold® »

The luxury 24-carat gold medical facial device designed to deliver a a truly customized treatment. Favored by Hollywood elite including Kim Kardashian, the list of available treatments include Baby-Botox, Micro-Hyaluronic Filler & Beauty GLOW Cocktail.

Sauna Pod – Slate Medspa

Slate Medspa, located in New Jersey, specializes in non-invasive, FDA-approved body contouring and beauty treatments. With two convenient Medspa locations in Paramus and Wayne, NJ, we proudly serve the New Jersey area by offering the latest technology in non-surgical aesthetic enhancements. Our serene, zen-like settings feature LED televisions, Netflix, and WiFi access in every room, ensuring you look and feel your best in ultimate comfort. State-of-the-art technology meets luxury to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.

At Slate Medspa, our mission is to provide the most effective, cutting-edge non-invasive procedures available, so you can enjoy the benefits without the worry of complications or downtime.

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