5 Foods That Are Messing With Your Body Goals

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The good news? Chocolate is NOT public enemy number one. While it tends to get a bad rep, chocolate actually has nutritional benefits as long as you reach for options with at least 70% cacao – aka cocoa. In other words the more bitter, the better! And at the end of the day, at least we know we should eat it in moderation.

Unexpected weight gain can often be thanks to the unlikeliest foods, the ones that SEEM really healthy. Before you know it – you’re adding elastic waistbands to those cute skinny jeans. Not fun. While it’s important to steer clear from the more obvious culprits, here are a few unusual suspects when it comes to weight gain.

Bananas. When we think “bad foods” its often fried, fatty, sugary – which is true – but hidden carbs can be an even bigger culprit. Here’s the thing: when our bodies process carbs, it breaks down into glucose which essentially acts like sugar in our system. (GASP!) I don’t wanna get all Gwen Stefani on you but…shocking right?!? While good carbs are needed, we might wanna reach for that Chiquita a little less.

Sea Salt.“What’s salt got to do with it?” Well in one word: Everything. Low levels of iodine can affect thyroid function which can also slow down your metabolism. Since sea salt does not bring any iodine to the table, you might want to spike it with good ole table salt. Word on the street is if you mix equal amounts of sea salt and table salt and throw some fish into your diet a few times per week, you can get your recommended dose of iodine. When in doubt, call your nutritionist!
Orange Juice. When you buy OJ you’re most likely pondering: Pulp or No Pulp. What you should REALLY be thinking is “Why am I drinking a glass full of sugar?” The amount of sugar in orange juice is often compared to drinking a can of soda. Yes Vitamin C is good for you, but there are other foods with just as much of it (if not more) that have a lot less sugar. Chomp on things like tomatoes, leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and berries instead. Your glucose levels will thank you for it.
Low Fat Anything. You’re doing yourself a favor eating that low fat yogurt, right? I’m not looking to pop your diet bubble, but it’s important to know that when fat is taken out of foods, it needs to be replaced by “something” so it doesn’t taste like the food you threw out last week. That “something” usually means hidden sugars or artificial ingredients which can both wreak havoc on your body’s normal functions – sending hormone and glucose levels out of whack.

Alcohol. Would you like your sad news served shaken or stirred? We’ve all heard that drinking liquid calories can cause weight gain but recent studies show that guzzling down cocktails on the regular can actually reduce your body’s fat-burning abilities by over 70%. So while we’re the first to bring our Moscow Mules to the party, when you’re in full fat-burning mode you might want to lay low with those belligerent beverages for a bit.

While treatments like CoolSculpting can help you reach your body goals, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating habits plays an integral part in your body transformation. If  you haven’t read any of this so far, remember that: just because it LOOKS healthy doesn’t mean it’s a green light to Gorge-ville. My advice? Research the ingredients in your diet and see for yourself how they act in your body. I mean, what else is the world wide web for?

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