My Microneedling Experience

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My Microneedling Experience


My treatment started with a skin consultation with Dr. Raquel. During my consultation, we talked at length about my skin concerns and way to improve texture and large pores (my biggest concern).

Aside from an overall improvement in the skin texture, Dr. Raquel also mentioned, the treatment would help with under eye circles – another concern of mine.  Dr. Raquel was very knowledgeable and took time to understand my concerns. I really appreciated that.


On the day of my treatment, I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and proceeded into the micro needling room. The staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. My aesthetician Mariana was very thorough and explained the process before we got started. We started by numbing my face and began the treatment.

I felt a little pressure on the face as the aesthetician started the process, but took plenty of breaks to ask me how I was doing and how much longer we had. I did not feel much pain, but this being my first time really appreciated her concern! The treatment lasted 10 – 15 minutes.

After the treatment, I was informed on how to take care of my skin for the following week (lots of sunscreen), avoid the sun, and certain ingredients in skincare and what to expect in the upcoming week.

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I did not feel much pain

The treatment lasted 10 – 15 minutes.


I experienced minimal face redness and swelling and recovered in a day, but your experience may vary. As a result of the treatment, my skin texture has improved quite a bit. My skin feels brighter, more even and smooth. The circles under my eye are noticeably smaller and I’m so happy with the results! If you’re in the market for a procedure to refresh your skin with a minimal recovery period, micro needling treatment might be right for you. After this experience, I’ll definitely be keeping up with my micro needling treatments in the future.


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