Reduce Double Chins and Jowls by CoolSculpting Neck Fat

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Reduce Double Chins and Jowls by CoolSculpting Neck Fat

Traditionally, stubborn jaw or chin fat was addressed using invasive surgical methods but now there is CoolSculpting neck fat, a breakthrough procedure that uses cooling technology to reduce stubborn fat in the submental region. This article will explore the details of this process to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What Exactly is CoolSculpting?

This unique procedure that is rapidly replacing liposuction as an effective method of reducing fat pockets in stubborn areas such as chin, belly, and flanks. No surgery, injections or anesthesia needed; just freezing away fat cells. It is a comfortable and convenient procedure that requires little to no downtime.

Here is more information about this innovative process:

  • A fat-freezing applicator is placed on the treated area
  • The device exposes the targeted areas to freezing temperatures
  • The fat cells then become frozen or crystallized and die
  • The body naturally excretes the dead fat cells gradually

The above-described process results in a long-term reduction of fat because the frozen cells cannot grow back.¹

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Areas for Treatment

The belly and flanks are notorious for fat accumulation. The FDA had initially approved CoolSculpting to reduce fat in these problem areas. The process has experienced a huge success rate and it is becoming popular even among doctors. This is why the makers CoolSculpting have innovated additional applicators such as the CoolMini, the most recent addition CoolSculpting’s collection of applicators. This applicator is designed specifically to reduce submental fullness or double chin.

A study by Allergen indicates that most people (1 of every 2) are unhappy with the presence of extra fat around the chin and jaws, sometimes referred to as neck wattle. Fatty deposits in these areas are often hard to eliminate because the cause is often genetics or the aging process. For them, eating a balanced meal or going to the gym may not do much to help reduce chin fat.

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Does CoolSculpting Neck Fat Work?

Clinical studies vouch for the safety and effectiveness of this procedure. For instance, patients who have gone through the process admit that they experienced significant fat reduction (average 20%) just after the first treatment. Over 80% of the patients were happy with the results. Additionally, seven of every 10 patients reported the procedure to be comfortable and eight of every 10 patients are willing to recommend to their friends.

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Slate Medspa is a CoolSculpting provider at Paramus, NJ that provides high-end fat-freezing treatments. If you are ready for a solution to stubborn neck fat, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation to see if fat freezing is the ultimate solution to sagging skin. Book today by contacting us online or call (201) 315-3247.

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