Sculpt Six Pack Abs Using Emsculpt

six pack abs

Sculpt Six Pack Abs Using Emsculpt

Achieving firm toned six pack abs is one of the most sought after and difficult to obtain physical goals we can strive for. Women and men alike spend endless hours in the gym, working for that washboard stomach. However, recent studies suggest that the coveted six pack abs are nearly impossible for some, regardless of the amount of exercise or diet.

Some bodies just don’t respond to abdominal workouts. Some do not have a genetic makeup that makes them prone to reducing their overall body fat percentage to below 10%, which is the required percentage for seeing defined musculature in the abdominals.

However, innovations in body-shaping technology have made the desirable sculpted look of six-pack abs more of a reality for more people.

Emsculpt: Building, Strengthening, and Toning Muscle

CoolSculpting, like other body-shaping procedures that are non-invasive, only focuses on one area of the body’s makeup: fat. Fat reduction in the tummy is necessary to create abdominal musculature, but CoolSculpting and similar non-surgical fat reduction procedures fail to take into consideration another essential aspect of the body’s makeup: muscle.

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Enter the Emsculpt procedure. This latest breakthrough in body-contouring uses electromagnetic power to trigger contractions that create stronger, firmer, more toned muscle appearance in the targeted area.

What Causes Muscle Growth

Muscle growth is caused by a process of restoration and stimulation. Whenever we exercise, it creates contractions in our muscles that strain the tissue. This triggers the body to repair the damaged tissue via the creation of stronger and bigger muscle tissue that replaces the old tissue. This is why the process of exercising and weight lifting result in muscle building (or muscle hypertrophy).

The process of stimulation and restoration involved requires a great deal of energy. To help generate the muscle hypertrophy process, our bodies release fatty acids, which then break down fat deposits to absorb their energy, a natural process referred to as lipolysis. Lipolysis aids in fat reduction in the treated area, as well as developing muscle.

“Superman Workout” for Six Pack Abs

The Emsculpt procedure prompts this process of stimulating and repairing the muscles by triggering involuntary contractions in the abdominal muscles. These contractions occur at superhuman levels, which explain why it’s often called a “superman workout.” The procedure harnesses Highly Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) power to trigger the supramaximal contractions.

The supramaximal contractions stimulate the muscle far beyond anything a human could achieve with a manual workout. Just one 30-minute treatment results in over 20,000 supramaximal contractions in the abdominals. That is the same as 20,000 sit-ups or crunches! Truly a superman workout!

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Six Pack Abs | Emsculpt

Recent academic studies report that Emsculpt has a significant impact on defining six pack abs:

  • Increased muscle thickness (19%)
  • Reduced subcutaneous fat 6 months post-treatment (27.4%)
  • Reduced fat layer (7.73mm)
  • Reduced diastasis recti (10.46%)

Additionally, the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology reported that nearly “91% of patients reported their abdominal appearance improved [after treatments with the Emsculpt device] and 92% stated they are satisfied with treatment results at month 3.”

Six Pack Abs with Emsculpt at Slate

Maybe you’d like to further define an already muscled body or have never been able to achieve defined abs but want to. Either way, Emsculpt might be a good choice. Book a free consultation at Slate Medspa, the leading body-contouring clinic in Paramus, NJ. To find out more, call Slate at (201) 315-3247 or contact us online.

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