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Hi guys! I hope everyone is slowly transitioning into 2020 and implementing all the great ideas and goals they have for themselves. I know it is sooo easy to talk about and plan but so hard to get going and get rid of bad habits. One of my goals for 2020 is more self care for myself without feeling an ounce of guilt and boy, did 2020 start off with self care on a whole ‘nother level for me.

Two weeks ago I payed a visit to Slate Med Spa in Paramus and decided on getting a procedure done. That procedure was lip fillers! I have never gotten any type of cosmetic procedure like this done so to say I was nervous is an understatement. I even thought about calling and cancelling a few times, but I am so happy I didn’t. Slate provides many other services such as cool sculpting, fillers, botox, hydra facials, micro needling, laser hair removal, and are always hosting special events as well.

Since my consultation was the same day I still had so many questions unanswered. Will it hurt? Will I have bruising? How long do temporary fillers last? How quickly will I get results? What happens if I don’t like how they look? & the list goes on!

So lets get started with….

Will it hurt?

Prior to injecting, they apply a numbing cream and let me tell you it numbs you – like just got out of the dentist numbing. It doesn’t taste the best, and your tongue gets numb as well but I will pay any price for no pain. After the cream sits for about 10-15 minutes Dr. Raquel began injecting and here is where my cold sweats started. Dr. Raquel was so gentle, told me to take a deep breath every time she injected and even provided me with stress balls, lol. I can confidently say during the whole procedure you feel more pressure then pain. I am so happy my first experience was with her because it definitely will not be last.

Will I have bruising?

I will say I had little to no bruising and I am so happy about that, since I didn’t really want to explain to my school mom friends what the crazy young mom did, lol. I had very tiny bruises at injection site that no one else could really notice unless I pointed it out.

How long do fillers last?

They last about 6 months, some people more, some less depending on how quickly your body breaks down the Hyaluronic acid.

How quickly will I see results?

INSTANTLY! Now, I will say I was very clear about wanting a subtle change and just a bit more fullness and that is exactly what I got. When I walked in the door, my husband wouldn’t even have noticed if he didn’t know I was getting them down. I only used .6 cc to attain my look. The following day is when I was a bit swollen and uncomfortable. I iced on and off all day and applied arnica gel that helps with the bruising. By the next day, swelling had gone down and I could resume to my regular activities aka going out in public, lol.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

This is exactly why I was so adamant about subtle. Your lips are such a focal point of your face that this is what I was most nervous about. After consulting with Dr. Raquel, she suggested I inject a bit and then make an appointment in 2 weeks for a post visit and then decide what I want to do. That appointment was yesterday and I decided that I am not going to add more… just yet. You have 2 months to use up the remainder of your filler before it expires.

If worse comes to worse and you absolutely hate your lip fillers and can not live with them you are able to get them dissolved which is when your doctor injects an eraser enzyme called hyaluronidase to break up the particles and accelerate the rate at which the fillers break down. It lasts a few minutes and the results are instant.

Before & After

My advice to you all if you are thinking about getting fillers or any cosmetic procedure done is research, research, research. Do not go to just anyone because they are cheaper. Cheap is not always better and you guys know how much I love a good deal but not something going on my face. Lip fillers cost any where from $395 to $725 depending on how much and what filler you use and Slate does accept Care Credit as long as you qualify. Last but least, make sure you are enhancing your beauty for no one else but YOU! If it makes you feel good, go for it!


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