My First Chemical Peel At Slate MedSpa- VI PEEL

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A couple of weeks ago I had my very first chemical peel done at Slate Medspa (Formerly NuImage) and I’m so excited to tell you guys all about it! I went with the VI peel which is supposed to help with skin texture, acne scars and dark spots..pretty much everything my skin needed. As you guys know I’ve been dealing with adult acne for the last couple of months and because of the breakouts, I’m now left with acne scars and pits on my skin. I’m thankful my acne is gone, but I really want to get rid of the scars it left behind, specially the ones that are super noticeable around my jaw.

Prior to getting the peel done, I was advised to stop using Retinol for about 10 days and to use SPF to protect my skin. The day of my peel went great! The process took about 15 minutes, it wasn’t painful but I did feel some discomfort while the peel was being applied. After the application was done, I was sent home with a kit with everything I would need for the next 10 days. The instructions were pretty easy to follow but it was A LOT! So I made sure to read everything carefully and to set timers on my phone to stay on track. I was also instructed to wash at exactly 4 hours after the peel was applied and thankfully, there was no pain while washing! My skin didn’t feel any different so that was a good sign for me. I started peeling around my mouth area on the second day, it didn’t hurt but it was slightly itchy. The peeling was at it’s worst around the 3rd and 4rd day but again, it wasn’t painful. The only part that was super difficult was not being able to touch my face or peel off the pieces that were falling off. I looked like a zombie from a scary movie! LOL! I didn’t leave my house at all for the first 4 days because I was afraid of scaring anyone. Haha!

Peeling was 90% done around the 8th day and completely done on the 10th day. My new skin looks amazing! I honestly can’t believe how soft and smooth my skin looks. My acne scars look 10 times better and are barely noticeable. You guys have no idea how happy I am with the results! There is really nothing like feeling confident in your own skin and thanks to Slate MedSpa, I no longer feel like I need to cover my skin with a ton of make-up. The process was lengthy and a bit uncomfortable but SO WORTH IT!

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My First Chemical Peel At NuImage MedSpa- VI PEEL

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