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Microneedling with Radio Frequency for skin rejuvenation is the most promising new technology for aesthetic treatments, combining two methods previously used individually for skin rejuvenation into a more clinically effective procedure. This combination therapy, has shown great improvement in skin tightening, fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne and acne scars, both on and off the face. It can also be used for all skin types and is associated with minimal downtime and few complications. But with a myriad of new devices, which one is the best overall device? Well let’s break down each of the major players.


INFINI – One of the original devices to get FDA approval, Infini uses 49 insulated needles and can treat depths up to 3.5mm. This makes it sufficient enough to not only treat the face, but also skin tightening on the body. Infini also uses industry best .2mm ultra-thin needles. Pulse duration is adjustable from 10 milliseconds all the way to 1 full second. Using multiple passes, Infini using a different depth setting on each pass to create tens of thousands of fractional coagulation zones in various depths. This assures faster healing and no risk of scarring. Finally, Infini delivers up to 100mjoules of energy, more than you’ll ever need to attain critical temperatures in the 65 to 80 degree Celsius range. The only drawback of this device is its Solenoid snap motor can cause some discomfort during the microneedling as does its 1mhz frequency energy delivery during the RF pulses.


PROFOUND – While gaining reputation as a powerful device with maximum results, Profound’s design and function also make it one of the most painful treatment experiences. Using just 10 needles, this device only requires one pass per treatment session. That is because the pulse durations are between 3-5 seconds. This means there is substantial discomfort associated with each lengthy delivery of energy. This also means that the coagulation zones are much larger in size, thus requiring a much smaller number of wounds. The downside to this is that the advantages of fractional ablation is lost as large wounds take longer to heal and have a greater risk of complications. In addition, the Profound uses 3mm and 6mm needles which enter the skin at an angle, making it difficult to know the exact depth being treated.


MORPHEUS8 – One of the newest devices is the Morpheus8. With industry leading 4mm deep insulted needles, this device is perhaps the best choice for skin tightening on the body. Given the thicker layer of skin on the body as compared to the face, deeper penetration is ideal for effective treatment…and 62mjoules delivered at 1mhz is powerful enough to treat at optimal temperatures. Cons? Like the Infini, this device uses a “snap” motor, somewhat uncomfortable and frequently described as the feeling of being treated with a “staple gun”, not a particularly flattering description. In addition there is only one pulse duration setting of 120 milliseconds in auto mode. Beware – the manual mode allows for pulses as long as you wish, but is literally infinite, leaving much room error, resulting in pain or burn/scarring. Also, there are only 3 depths, so more precise adjustments for varying skin thickness types is not possible.


FRACTORA – With 3 available tip sizes of 24, 60 and 128 needles, Fractora uses a fixed depth of either .5mm or 3mm. Not only are the depths NON-adjustable, but this device transmits the RF energy through NON-insulated needles and does not use a motor. Manual Puncturing is required and the wounds are created from heating these needles. The damage does not bypass the top layer of skin, resulting in greater risk of complications. Moreover, the direct delivery of heat to the epidermis without controlled pulses combined with the imprecise microneedling through manual delivery without motors makes this the most painful of all the RF microneedling devices. To add to my concerns, all the downtime and risk adverse advantages of the technology is practically completely negated by its delivery.


VIVACE – Vivace uses 36 insulated gold-tipped ultra-thin needles deliver up to 60mjoules of energy, attaining crucial temperatures of 65 to 80 degrees Celsius. With adjustable pulse duration between 100 to 800 milliseconds and 31 precise depth settings up to 3.5mm, Vivace recommends multiple passes at different depths. Like the Infini, this device creates tens of thousands of fractional coagulation zones. Vivace adds an additional feature – Its advanced circuitry delivers controlled RF energy at two different wavelengths, 1mhz and 2mhz. The latter setting allows more even and smooth energy delivery, resulting in virtually pain free experience. The former setting assures one pass with more intense energy concentration, delivering a quick“blast” deep into the dermis, creating multiple depth coagulation zones. Perhaps the most compelling feature of this device is its Robotic motor which glides the microneedles in and out of the skin with precision and virtually no discomfort. Cons, well, we’d love to see what this device can do with just a little deeper needles.



After over a year of research and demo’s of most of the other technologies, we find VIVACE to be far superior to other devices with less if any downtime.  With Infini a close second, and Morpheus8 a nod for body skin tightening, Vivace delivers a balance of almost no downtime, optimal results and best in-class treatment comfort. The technology, quite simply is a step ahead of everyone else. We are able to treat as deep as 3500 microns which helps us reach the depth necessary for tissue tightening.  With 20 energy settings and 8 pulse length adjustments, we can customize the treatment with absolute precision to treat your skin rejuvenation concerns. Rumors of Vivace offering even deeper needle options in the near future may take skin tightening to yet another level of efficacy.


Raquel Mahidashti, DNP | Slate Medspa

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VIVACE Fractional RF Microneedling

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