Oz Beauty Expert trials the skin treatment the internet is raving about

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It’s meant to improve skin texture, tone and reduce premature signs of ageing.

I’m always on the lookout for the latest skin treatments that actually work.

My go-to website to find out what treatments are actually worth it is to look on realself.com an online community of tens of millions of people giving honest reviews, sharing their experience and rating cosmetic treatments and procedures on whether or not they’re ‘worth it’.

Recently I noticed on realself.com that a new skin needling treatment called Vivace was consistently getting positive reviews and 95 percent of people had rated it as ‘worth it’. From my experience this is a really high rate of recommendation and it instantly got my interest.

What is it?

Vivace is the latest in microneedling technology and combines the physical skin needling with radiofrequency.

It is very new, there are currently only six Vivace devices in Australia, yet I imagine this number will grow rapidly given it’s extreme popularity overseas.

The radio frequency heats the skin’s deep cells, while the needling causes controlled trauma to the cells. This controlled trauma results in the skin undergoing a mild inflammatory process which boosts blood supply, growth factors and long term collagen production.

My experience

I decided to visit the clinic nearest to me that has the Vivace device – Artiste Medi Spa in Darling Point.

I’ve recently been researching treatments that effectively firm the skin on the body so I decided to have my décolletage treated with Vivace in the hope of improving the texture, tone and look of an area of skin which is so regularly exposed to the sun, and often shows premature signs of ageing.

I was warned that there might be slight discomfort during the treatment but honestly I didn’t feel even the slightest of pain. On a scale of 1-10 on the pain threshold it was below a 1!!!

My chest was slightly red for a few hours after the treatment and I had to keep it completely out of the sun for a few days.

Twenty-four hours after the treatment my skin looked completely normal, although it felt slightly rougher than usual which I think was due to the skin still healing from the needling.

A week later and the skin on my décolletage looks great. The skin feels thicker (in a good way), it’s smoother and my skin tone is noticeably more even.

The verdict

I can see visible improvements in my skin in a relatively short amount of time and consequently I’ve booked in at Artiste Medi Spa to also have the Vivace treatment on my face next week. I’m told my skin will continue to improve over the next few weeks due to my boost in collagen production.

Apparently the best results are seen after a series of three treatments. And I’m sure if I can see improvement from one treatment, the results from three treatments are going to be even better!

Zero pain for visible results – yes please!




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