Slate Lip Fillers | Part II

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Hey guys!

Long time no talk! How are you guys holding up? We are slowly but surely trying to get back into the swing of things after Covid. In Jersey, we are no longer quarantining for the time being, just wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Although nerve-racking, it is just part of a new life for us so we have no choice but to get used to it unless we want to continue staying home and let’s be real that is no way to live! With getting used to new things, Slate was one of the first public places I visited for a second treatment of lip fillers.

My first visit to Slate was back in January which if you guys know was a great experience! Well, let me say as nervous as I was, Slate made sure to go above and beyond to ensure they followed proper protocols and make their guest feel safe.

Upon arrival, there were no other clients in the waiting room and I notice immediately everyone was masked- my temperature was taken and I immediately was taken to my room where my service would be performed. I met with the one and only Dr. Raquel (the ONLY person I would allow to touch my lips, lol) and she was masked as well. Obviously, this was a procedure that did not allow me to leave on my mask so I did have to take it off but if you are getting a procedure that does not require that you will be fully masked for the duration of your service. We spoke a little about the look I wanted to achieve and she got right to work. My lips were not completely dissipated from my first service but I decided I wanted the a bit fuller than the previous time so I went with half a syringe of filler again. I also decided I wanted to have a more pronounced cupids bow which she also did great. Little no pain, and the best part is I did not have any bruising during the healing process! When I tell you Dr. Raquel is amazing, I’m not lying. If you are looking to get lip fillers, make sure you visit Slate and ask for Dr. Raquel.

Once again, recovery time was little to none- 2 days of swelling and no bruising. I look forward to visiting Slate again in the near future! If you are looking for more information and pricing check out my first post here.

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