Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann Take Us Inside Their Couples Microneedling Session













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The Don’t Be Tardy couple spent some quality time at the spa.

When it comes to Real Housewives-loved cosmetic treatments, microneedling is definitely at the top of the list. The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd, who has tried the treatment with Plasma (aka the Vampire Facial) has called it a “miracle.” Shannon Beador is also a fan of the technique. (Watch the video above to see Shannon talk about her experience.) However, ‘Wives aren’t the only ones reaping from the benefits of this technique — their hubbies are too.

Most recently, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and hubby Kroy Biermann paid a visit to The Spa at NAPS for a couples microneedling session. It appears that the Don’t Be Tardy dad is also a fan of the facial. Nothing like a couples spa trip to bring you even closer together, right?

“Kroy is getting his treatment,” Kim explained while sharing a clip of Kroy blissfully amid his procedure.

“My new obsession is this machine,” Kim continued. “I have numbing cream on and we’re going to do me next. It’s really cool it has a blue light for bacteria.” The microneedling technology Kim boasted about is the Vivace Fractional Micro Needle RF, which combines radio frequency with microneedling to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulates the natural production of collagen.

Once Kroy was done with his turn, Kim went for a microneedling session with Plasma infusion. (This is when dermatologists take a sample of your blood, from which the Plasma is extracted, and that is then injected into your skin through microneedling.) The procedure itself usually appears to be a bloody mess (hence the name Vampire Facial), but afterward, you’re left with a healthy-looking and glowing complexion.

Kim’s skin certainly looked fab after leaving the spa. “Okay you guys, I’m literally obsessed. I’m a little red, nothing like what I thought because it was microneedling and then they did Plasma over my face,” she said after her treatment.



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